Frequently Asked Questions

What size are the magnets and push pins?
The sets of 7 have a 3/4 inch round image. The sets of 5 have a 1 inch round image. The sets of 4 bottle caps also have a 1 inch round image.

How long is the push pin spike?
The push pins spike or shank is about 5/16 inch.

What kind of magnets do you use?
The magnets with the sets of 5 and 7 are strong ferrite magnets. The magnets with the 4 bottle caps are powerful neodymium magnets.

Can you make custom magnets and push pins?
Yes, we can make magnets and push pins out of your own images or we can create an image for you according to your specifications. You can upload your images for custom magnets or push pins or you can contact us for an email address to send them to.

What format or size of images make the best magnets or push pins?
The bigger the image file is (higher resolution) the better the end product. One or two subjects are best (group photos don't come out well for such a small image). For more info check out our helpful tips for submitting images.

Do you offer wholesale pricing for retail stores?
Yes we do. Click here to sign up for a wholesale account.


If you have any more questions please let us know.